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The Reviews So Far

Doyin is a voice of reason in crazy times. I’ve followed him since his viral photo was posted in a babywearing group I was in at the time. At home with a newborn I was happy to see a father taking the same role and acknowledging the difference in perspectives between mothers and fathers. I’m so excited for this podcast as it’s something we need in a time where we must have hard conversations with our kids about racism, sexism, etc.
I love listening to Doyin’s honest takes on parenting, life, relationships and more-he is always entertaining, insightful and hilarious! Can’t wait to hear more-you won’t regret subscribing to this 🙂
I’ve been following Doyin for years (ever since he used to call himself “Daddy Doin’ Work” (or DDW), and I’ve always been impressed with his intelligence, courage, sense of humor, and most of all, his willingness to keep it real. I was one of the thousands of voices urging him to take his talents to the podcast world, and I’m glad that he finally listened. This was everything that I had hoped for, and I’m thrilled to listen to him share his thoughts on modern parenting (and other equally important issues) with all of us. The Just Stick to Parenting podcast is officially in my podcast rotation, and please keep up the great work, my dude!
I’ve been following Doyin since 2013 and I’m glad he started a podcast. I so agree that parenting isn’t just about ponytails and bathrooms. I have two boys and we talk about issues other than surface-level stuff. If they don’t hear it from us, when they do hear things that are racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, etc., they might take it as truth. I’m excited to listen!
Great to see Doyin back in the game and speaking his mind about more than “ponytails and changing tables.” It’s a refreshing take on modern parenting and the issues we all face combined with the social issues our wee humans are facing. I’m enjoying it!
Kitty Carey
I’m looking forward to more podcasts from Doyin! I’ve followed him for many years and he continues to be on the cutting edge of what we need to hear. More please!