About The Podcast


“Just stick to parenting, dude.”

Those are words host Doyin Richards has heard far too often.

Doyin is a best-selling author and dynamic keynote speaker, but he’s mostly known for being one of America’s most respected voices in the realm of modern fatherhood. For years, he only talked about neutral parenting topics like ponytails and playdates on his popular social media platforms to keep everyone happy — which worked out nicely for everyone except for him.

Eventually he decided to speak his truth and pivoted to race-relations, mental health, healthy masculinity, feminism, politics, and more. Many loved the change. Some didn’t. Either way, he knew that the world isn’t going to improve unless tough topics are candidly addressed.

Get ready for rants, revelations, and realness from Doyin as he tackles hot-button topics, dishes out parenting advice, and delivers strong opinions in his unique and often humorous style. And yes, he will “just stick to parenting,” because all of those topics are important when it comes to raising tiny humans.